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TBL Wooden Ring


The Thin Blue Line is a symbol representing Law Enforcement. Specifically, it represents that the only thing keeping society safe from evil and chaos is a thin blue line made up of law enforcement officers. This line is also used to represent those officers who have died in the line of duty, making the ultimate sacrifice to protect their communities. 

Made of 100% wood, this ring is made in the "bentwood" style, meaning a thin piece of wood was steamed, bent, dried and rolled into a ring before sanding and sealing with a hypo-allergenic epoxy. This ring is extremely strong. 

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping. Once ordered you'll receive contact from the craftsman directly. Mike does not make these rings.


How and what are these rings made from?

These rings are handmade from wood. The ring is made using thin layers of wood, known as veneer, steamed, rolled, rolled and sealed in a ring shape with epoxy. Then, the ring is turned and shaved down by hand on a lathe. Finally, the ring is coated with a strong, waterproof, and hypoallergenic finish of CA (Cyanoacrylate), and buffed to a high, glossy shine. 

Why wood?

Every wood ring is as unique as the piece of wood it's made from. No two rings will be exactly the same, even rings made from the exact same piece of wood. Grain patterns, color variations, shade differences, etc., all can be expected. This gives you a ring that no one else on earth has: something truly one-of-a kind.

How sturdy or durable will my ring be?

These rings are very sturdy and durable, due to the bentwood method. These rings will not break under normal compression. The surface wood is coated in several coats of CA (Cyanoacrylate), which is hypoallergenic, water resistant, and extremely strong. However, just like any metal ring, the surface will show sings of wear and can be damaged from harsh surfaces like concrete or harsh chemicals such as detergents.

My ring has a chip or scratch. What do I do?

If your ring gets a chip or a scratch within the first year of wear, simply send the ring back and we'll refinish it for free. If it is beyond a year since you received your ring, we'll refinish the ring for a small fee.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! Our rings are guaranteed for one year from being received. If within that year, a chip or scratch comes from normal wear, we will refinish it for free. If the ring breaks (which has never happened) from normal wear, we will replace it for free. This does not apply to misuse, such as using the ring in extreme sports or allowing your animals to chew on them.

Do you do custom rings?

Absolutely! Just use the contact form on this page or email james@valhallawoodforge.com your idea, and we'll make it happen!

How long does each ring take to complete?

Each ring's timeframe is listed in the description. We do the best we can to complete your ring as quickly as possible, but the timeframe will depend on certain factors, such as how long it takes to receive the raw materials to make your ring.

What if I don't know my size?

If you don't know your ring size, simply choose "Ring Sizer" under ring size when ordering your ring, and we'll mail you a ring sizer. Once you've received your ring sizer, follow the instructions to determine your size, and email us the size so we can get started on your ring.