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Pig Pen Fitness


As a cop who left the academy in great shape and then ultimately fell very much out of shape and 45lb or so heavier, I understand where many cops are at right now (and other first responders, military etc.). But I learned that I couldn't stay there: I owed it to myself, my family, my partners, and my community to know that when the moment came, I was as physically prepared as possible to handle what the job brought.

The Pig Pen Fitness program is an 8 week primer of direct mentorship, information, motivation and tools to implement a comprehensive change in fitness and nutrition for the tactical athlete in mind. I'll be on the journey with you guys and am bringing in a top level geneticist and strength/conditioning coach to literally personalize plans for you and we will answer EVERY. SINGLE. QUESTION in our focus group.

Leave the excuses behind: it's time for a change. Let's do this.

Our first course is to iron out the details and kinks and make it better each time we open for another group. You will have the option to continue in an online community after the completion of the initial course, for long term encouragement and success.

We will contact you after purchase and make sure you get the access you need to the FB group until we move the group off FB to an upcoming app.