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21 Day Challenge


2020 had its share of challenges but what are we going to do: sit back and whine and just hope that 2021 magically does something better for us? No, we must choose to act.

Philosopher Epictetus famously asked, "How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself..." Well, how long? This was the question I asked myself when I was leaving my police career and starting my own businesses and I haven't looked back. But even in law enforcement, we can become complacent and just used to the grind and life seems to take over on autopilot rather than us deliberately seeking to face new challenges to push us to be the best version of ourselves.

Join me for a 21 day challenge to kick off 2021 where we will have daily challenges based on proven wisdom to help: 

✅ Get rid of bad habits

✅ Become more focused

✅ Increase your generosity

✅ Grow in character

✅ Repair relationships

I know this is a little out of my norm as "Mike the Cop" but yet I'm challenging myself for 21 days and figured, why not invite others to do the same. We can all improve in our lives so why not do it together. As part of the 21 days in 21 challenge you'll get:

🔵 DAILY VIDEO MESSAGE/EMAIL to provide the challenge and encourage you along the way and I'll be particularly mentioning how these challenges relate to LAW ENFORCEMENT but this is for anyone wanting to cut a path into the new year and not just wait around hoping for the best.

🔵 WEEKLY ZOOM MEETING for checking progress and overcoming the challenges.

It's one way I'm kicking off 2021 on my own terms, not anyone else's and I'm inviting you along with me. 

21 Daily Challenges to Kick off '21 for just $21.

Once you purchase, look for the first email on January 1st. Make sure to check any spam folders, etc. If you have any issues you can always email mike@mikethecop.tv