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AOC: A Thief in a Pretty Dress

AOC: A Thief in a Pretty Dress


It is said that even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Now I’m not saying Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the devil, but I am saying that I think she plays for his team. 

In a recent virtue signaling fashion show at the MET Gala, AOC showed up with a message on her dress meant to stir up a disdain for those that pay your paycheck but a love for those who steal from it to make money for themselves, aka the political elite. 

Whoah whoah whoah, why does a former cop think he has any business talking about aoc, politics, or taxation? Well, I think any self-respecting citizen with more than 1/2 a brain should see what’s going on here and the more people we have calling it out, the better, especially since taxation involves taking money from people who may very well have not offered it. In normal people lingo that’s referred to as theft. 

But beyond that, don’t forget that the IRS has a law enforcement arm to it and if you’d like to meet them, consider not rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s (to borrow from the greatest man to ever offer thoughts on the matter). This agency, if you didn’t know, was responsible for apprehending Al Capone, who was evil in his own special and violent ways beyond just tax evasion. Nevertheless it was the tax man that caught him.  So I feel like it’s all related and definitely a place where law enforcement meets culture, so I’ll happily talk about it.

But onto AOC…

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then AOC was really complimenting Joy Villa at the met gala, when in a demonstration of total inability to be individually creative she put a competing messages of “tax the rich” on her dress at the MET GALA, a fashion event to fundraise for the metropolitan museum of art in NYC. 

Ironically, but not surprisingly, it costs $30k/ticket and $275k/table to attend the gala. Now, perhaps if AOC was truly walking in off the street and bamboozled her way in with a dress so stunning it fooled all those guarding the door as though she belonged there then maybe her message in red on the back of the dress would be considered BOLD as she would be confronting the very people she’s claiming to not pay their fair share, but that’s not the case here, is it. I know it. You know it. We all KNOW It it’s just that the people that want to erode our principles of government and human freedom want you to think that’s not what’s going on.

What is REALLY going on? Well, in a word: Marxism. A group of people created messaging that seems and sounds true, tickles the ears of the weak minded folks who think revolution rather than reform will shift the balance of power to the average person, while in reality it will only further entrench the current power brokers that much further into their positions.

Did you know that we already increased taxes on the rich and it wasn’t even that long ago? In tax cuts in 2017 it left the rich paying an even greater percentage into the overall tax register that covers everything from a $19k/year entertainment allowance for the president down to a study on the reproductive organs of ducks. Yes, tell me again why we need even MORE taxes please…

The reality is this: the average income in the USA is roughly $79k/year. If you make less than $87k/year you’re only paying into about 10-13% of the total tax revenue of the country. In other words that leaves ALL people making more than $87k a year paying in a total of nearly 87-90% of all tax revenue. 

So, tell me, where is the inequity. In fact, if you’re in the top 1% of earners, you’re covering around 40% of the total tax revenue for an entire country. For AOC and the marxists like her, can you explain to me that if we were to truly make things fair, why taxing the so-called “rich” is any kind of a solution to the convoluted tax code we already have?

Do you think for one minute that AOC, who makes $174k/year salary by the way (in addition to $58/tax the rich sweatshirts to pad her political plans).or the 7 figure deals she’ll have after congress…Do you think for one minute that since the “rich” don’t get taxed enough and she is, in fact rich, volunteering an equal or greater  amount to toss into the kitty on principle to ensure that the rich, like herself in the top 10% of wage earners, are paying their “fair share?” Everyone that’s honest knows the answer.

Folks, it’s a shell game for the political elite: Open your eyes and ears because you’re being lied to by a woman in a pretty dress who wants to woo you in a pretty dress while stealing your money like a slick pick pocket to make more of her own. 

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